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Slot Analytics

RWS provides a powerful suite of slot reporting solutions. These solutions allow the user to easily segment, index, and analyze which assets are performing and which assets need to be adjusted to optimize your floor's performance. These solutions have been created and optimized based on actually analyzing slot floors. Tom Winward (Founder of RWS) was in charge of all slot analytics for Station Casinos. Some of the current users of the solution include: Golden Gaming,  Jack Entertainment, Delaware North, Graton Hotel and Casino and Gun Lake Casino.


Marketing Analytics

Solutions for everything you need to understand which players you need to market to. Solutions include: list generation based on a variety of factors customized to your property's needs, reporting which includes Player Segmentation, Reward Tier Analysis, New Sign-Up Tracking, and Post Forma Analysis, and daily automated reporting of Top Players, New Players, Inactive Players, and Reactivated Players.


Player Profitability

RWS has created a powerful solution which allows you to see a full view of your customers with reinvestment from all areas. This solution includes: customized reports by player, event and contact tracking, live floor view with text notifications, player preferences, contact center, and host management services.


Email and Kiosk Integration

RWS has worked closely with a number of properties that utilize MGT and Atrient to create solutions which create custom marketing programs that consequently save the staff's time. RWS has created solutions for integrating with email providers (Maropost, Hubspot, Ipost, etc.) This allows emails to be targeted quickly to guests without the user having to upload lists. Linking the abilities between email and kiosk allow for true one to one communication and offer delivery.


Process Automation

If you have to do something over and over you need a solution for that! We create custom solutions from daily reports to automated emails. Our clients enjoy receiving daily notifications of Slot Performance, Top Players, Unusual Transactions, and More. If you have someone sending the same thing day after day let us help you eliminate these unnecessary steps.



With 20+ years of experience in casino operations, slot and marketing analytics, our team will work with yours to help solve and create custom solutions that will help grow and streamline your business.